2019 Business Mastery Sessions

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The Unstoppable You

In the inaugural Travel Quest World mega-session, we will work together as a group to focus on The Unstoppable You. We will be looking at your business through a new filter and stoking the fire of your entrepreneurial spirit.

To start, you'll need a map. As with all destinations and in your business, you need to know where you are starting from and where you want to go. We address the five critical questions that you need to answer to keep yourself on the road to success and build a real business road map for you to take home to keep you on track moving toward your goals.

With success comes growth, and as an entrepreneur, this can come with a variety of emotions and options. Organizations, like living creatures, have stages of life, and together, we will determine your business' life stage and develop a growth plan customized to you and your business. Only by understanding where you are in the growth cycle, can you anticipate, prepare, and solve the inevitable challenges you will face in the future.

One of those challenges can be what sets you apart and what makes you the person your potential leads should work with to become loyal clients. In addition to the business road map and growth strategies, you will walk out of our first session with a one-page marketing plan that will help you develop your brand identity, target your audience, and meet your client's needs better than anybody else.


Partner Day

Join our amazing sponsors and exhibitors as they discuss what’s new and the best practices for selling their products. Learn more about our sponsors here!

Following the sessions is the partner showcase from 3:10 to 5:10 where you can visit with the vendors who you’ve work with all year long.


Business Mastery Sessions

25 Questions to Close the Sale

Well qualified leads have a higher return on investment and a higher close ratio. Asking the right questions helps to better understand the customer’s travel needs which results in a smarter recommendation to the individual. A recommendation that closely maps to the customer’s travel needs often results in a closed sale and a satisfied customer. This session will share techniques to interview the customer and learn their travel needs, make a recommendation, and close the sale.

New Air Booking Tool Launch

Get started using the new air booking tool available to Travel Quest Network members. Join this session to learn how to use this great new technology tool for your business.

Ask ASTA's General Counsel (Legal Q&A)

Peter Lobasso, ASTA’s General Counsel will answer questions previously submitted and live questions and concerns from the audience. Key issues he can address are selling travel from a legal perspective, running a travel agency business, and other legal aspects surrounding your agency business.

Best Practices for Securing Air for Customers

Booking a client’s airfare is an element of travel that’s typically outside of the land or sea portion of their trips—and there are many ways to book it. You can go directly through the cruise/tour vendor or as a separate element, but how do you know which is better? We’ll weigh the pros and cons of each method, then go through the best practices of managing your clients airfare.

Building a Healthy Sales Pipeline for Your Business

As a business person, the goal is to build and sustain a healthy sales pipeline all year long. To develop a healthy sales pipeline, you must start with enough leads that you can move them into your sales process. This session will review techniques and processes that can be used to build your sales pipeline.

Crafting Sales Emails and Client Communication that Delight and Get Results!

Improve your close rate through successful sales emails! You'll discover the best practices of sales emails that will turn your leads into customers.

Designing and Executing Email Marketing Campaigns to Grow Sales

Discover the best practices of list building, campaign development, and measurement. Leave this session feeling ready to get started on your first email marketing campaign the moment you return home.

From Bridal to Family Travel

Brides provide lifetime customer value by capturing them in the wedding stage which leads to parenthood and beyond. This session explores the considerations needed to be made by travel advisors within this lifestyle transition.

How to Become KNOWN as a Travel Expert

You don't need to be Kim Kardashian to be successful as a travel agent, but you do need to become known as the travel expert in your network. Learn the basics of how to build your presence with strategy and using free tools accessible to everyone. Blogging, Social Media, and Email tips that make your customer Luke Skywalker and you Yoda in your brand's story.

How to Get Started with Digital Advertising

When you first enter the world of digital marketing, it can be overwhelming. There are many different channels and platforms you can use to advertise your business, and for many people, the hardest part is figuring out a starting point. If you’re like many business owners, two of your biggest concerns when evaluating your options are cost-effectiveness and results. In this session, we’ll go over a few of the best online advertising strategies, their costs, and their benefits for your business.

Introduction to the Bridal Market

This session focuses on the overall bridal market and how important this segment can be to your overall business. Destination Weddings now comprise 25% of all weddings, so it is a great option to explore for those new to the Honeymoon and Destination Wedding market. Learn tips and helpful tools to get started in this lucrative travel segment.

Make Money through Corporate Travel

Everyone knows someone at a company who travels for business.  So, why not help them with their corporate travel?  Learn to understand the key elements of corporate travel. Service level expectations, data reporting, online booking tools, and more! 

Marketing to Brides

When it comes down to it, marketing creativity is what makes a bride take notice of a business and increases the chance of her choosing one business. This session will focus on how to find bridal clients and the necessary tools you need to service them to get the best ROI.

MASTERMIND SESSION: Building Your Value through your Fee Program

Travel advisors are professionals who deserve to get paid for the time, knowledge, expertise and research that goes into booking a great trip for a client. It can be difficult to earn a sustainable income for your agency on commissions alone. This panel discussion will feature three travel advisors who advocate for the value of their time, research and expertise and have implemented successful fee programs for their travel business. Learn from a panel of MASTERMINDS led by Bonnie Lee.

MASTERMIND SESSION: Organizing Yourself for Sales Success

Do you struggle to get through all of the tasks you set for yourself? In this session, learn from a panel of travel advisors about their organization strategies. Discover ways to prioritize and complete daily tasks to meet your sales goals. Encounter new time management approaches and great tips to successfully manage your day. Learn from our group of MASTERMINDS led by Bonnie Lee.

MASTERMIND SESSION: Successful Marketing Tactics from your Peers

Succeeding as a small business often comes down to the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Learn from a group of your peers as they share marketing programs that have worked for their business. Grab a new idea to grow your business faster.

MASTERMIND SESSION: Using AgentMate in your Business

Having a quality client relationship management (CRM) is crucial to running a smooth business. It stores all of your client data so you can easily search and access things like client trip history, forms of payment, and so much more! Bonnie Lee will lead a discussion with Travel Quest Network agents on best practices of using AgentMate as their CRM. Learn from your peers on how they make AgentMate a part of their daily business.

Maximize your Results from Agent Profiler

Agent Profiler enables you to attract high quality leads on the Internet. Once you receive a lead, what next? Join this session to learn how to acknowledge and cultivate your lead to close the sale.

Ministry Travel Direct—An Exciting New Booking Tool

Ever work with a church group or a group that volunteers in Africa, Middle East or Asia? Give your clients the best mission experience possible using some very exciting airfare contracts available to you! Our online booking tool allows you access to our highly discounted humanitarian contracts. These contracts can offer up to 45% off published airfare and are commissionable to you! Additionally, some carriers offer second and third bags for free! During this session we will showcase how Mission Travel Direct works. Come take a look!!

Scale your Business through Recruiting Sub-agents

Want to grow your business but you know that with growth comes more of everything and after all, there is only one of you. So, how do you grow your business yet at the same time understand and plan for your limitations? Maybe it's adding a support staffer who at one point can become another you. Planning for growth is the most important thing you will do aside from starting your business. Managed growth is KEY to success and KEY to your sanity!

Small Business Accounting—Set Up and Tax Considerations for IC's

Whether you are already set up or just beginning your journey, Jay will be discussing set up and tax considerations for small businesses and Independent Contractors.

Social Media Marketing Trends

In our Social Media Marketing Trends session, we will explore what social media marketers are predicting for the next 12 months. With so many changes, it is difficult to determine how to adapt your plans and where to invest your time and effort to continue to build your success. We’ll explore the most significant emerging trends in social media and most importantly, show you how you can take advantage of them.

Travel Agency Relationships and the Law

Join ASTA’s General Counsel, Peter Lobasso, as he discusses what it means to be an agent from a legal perspective, the obligations you owe your clients and others, plus your legal rights and liabilities and much more.

Travel Quest University: Finding Your Niche

You can’t be all things to all people—learn how to find your travel niche and why this is an essential step to long term success.

Travel Quest University: Making Your First Sale

Making your first sale can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. In this session, we’ll discuss how to move your customers through the sales funnel. Learn the best practices to qualify your leads, present a quote, overcome objections and, finally, close your first sale.

Travel Quest University: Marketing 101

From building your website to managing your social media accounts and everything in between, we’ll discuss the best marketing tools available for newbies.

Travel Quest University: Tools of the Trade - The Tech You Need to Get Started

Agent Profiler? Commission Manager? AgentMate? This session focuses on the tech tools you’ll need to organize and streamline your business.

Travel Quest University: Where Do I Start?

Whether you’re new to the travel industry or you’re new to Travel Quest Network, it can be tough to know where to begin! We’ll walk through the various training and educational resources available to you so that you can set yourself up for a successful career in travel.

Understanding Your Customer's Buying Style

Each customer has a different communication style PLUS you also have a unique communication style. Those two styles may complement each other during the sales process or “not”. During this session learn about these different communication styles to help you better understand how you might have to modify your selling process for your customer’s style.

Use Events to Build Your Book of Business

Everyone enjoys socializing and making connections at events, but do events really make a difference for your business? You will never walk away from an event empty-handed after this session. We'll talk about how the best ways to discuss your business at social events for natural leads, how to connect with your target audience at a trade show, how to distinguish which small events are worth it for you to sponsor, and how to continue engagement with everyone you meet post-event.

Why is NOW the right time to join APEX?

APEX, a program from Travel Leaders Group in collaboration with American Express. Join Lastenia Suarez, Agent Success Manager for APEX, as she shares Why Now is the right time to join APEX. Learn how you can inspire customer loyalty, attract new clients, generate new revenue streams, and offer exciting travel deals through this exciting program.

Your Website Should Be Your Number One Sales Person

When guests come to your home, you want to make an excellent first impression. You wouldn't invite people over for dinner with a cluttered house and then not feed them, would you? The same should hold true for your website.

You only have a short amount of time to grab visitors' attention. According to Neilson Norman Group, users will likely read 20% of the words on a page. If your website is cluttered and doesn't have a clear message or call to action, folks won't be sticking around for the main course.

If you think of your website as a salesperson, you'll begin to think of it as more than just a glorified brochure, and you will demand that it deliver for you. In this session, we will show you the quick fixes and long-term strategies to employ so your website can be your number one salesperson delivering leads to your doorstep.

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